OIAs APM Complex, Gateway to South Terminal.


Ramski & Company has worked as the Interior design Partner on the HKS/Baker Barrios design team for the Orlando International Airport South Terminal APM (Automated People Mover) Complex as of January 2014. The APM Complex is the first phase of the OIA South Terminal. In a time of rapidly expanding International travel at our airport, the APM bridges the gap in construction time for the new South Terminal. This facility plants the design flag for the new terminal and provides overflow parking for the North terminal as well as an exciting new hub for future commuter rail traffic and the destination for the All Aboard Florida Miami – Orlando rail.

The design team has worked diligently to detail the vision set forth in the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s master plan. This station evolves the “Orlando Experience” and sets the tone for the entire South Terminal development. Our studio has designed interior systems integral to the architectural envelope through detailing of ceiling, wall, column and floor treatments including architectural, environmental and decorative lighting, custom textile flooring, terrazzo and Architectural features. We have assisted in coordinating complex power and communication requirements of this facility, providing increased amenities through innovation for the traveling public. The studio has selected, designed and specified furniture as highly durable, comfortable accommodation for our recreational and business travelers.

The foundations have been poured, the drawings and specifications are nearing completion and we are actively working toward the realization of the vision for Orlando’s new South Terminal.